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Trinidad in Foreign Affairs July 30, 2010

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So a while back I posted about a report on Trinidad’s crime, conducted by the small arms survey . Well the dude who wrote the SAS report writes quite a bit about Trinidad’s crime situation, I’ve found out. While reading Foreign Affairs the other day, I saw this.  I found it a good read on the political situation in Trinidad, from what I’ve experienced so far. The new UNC/COP government has a lot cut out for them, but are they really going to be able to reduce crime/gangs here in Trinidad, or will their corruption rival that of the PNM’s, making more crime inevitable? (and yes  I meant to write that sentence as if I KNOW there’ll be corruption…it’s just a matter of time and how much…).

I’ve written about the crime here before, basically saying that it starts at the top, so if the government really wants to reduce it, there’s no shortage of ways/examples to do it. But it requires a kind of overhaul of the government/culture.

But anyways, so reading the article in FA made me google this townsend dude and I found another article he wrote for Foreign Policy. Ok, so I read his article and it’s along the lines of what he writes, so READ it. What I found interesting was that picture in the beginning of the article. Is it just me being unfamiliar with my country or does that NOT look like Trinidad OR Tobago? I couldn’t find a photo credit, so I couldn’t research it, but it totally doesn’t look like it. Is that misleading?

In other news, I’ll be starting UWI in the fall. Studying International Relations. Can’t wait.


Peace… July 24, 2010

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I need to spend more time in this place….


Woman in charge May 31, 2010

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makes me think of…



On Voting May 1, 2010

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May 24th. Election Day. PNM vs. UNC. It’s weird being able to vote in a country that I’m not particularly invested in (in a political sense). I didn’t really expect to have to vote so soon, so I’m not sure what to really base my precious “voice” on. Am I completely fed up with Manning and his corrupt, spineless ways? Or should I vote for Kamla who surrounds herself with crooked advisers, but at least she’s not Panday? Cause I’m so over. That dude.
Kamla, who does she think she is wearing all these sweaters trying to be like Michelle Obama. In all this heat, she needs to realize where she is” –according to the woman on the radio. I chuckled hearing that one on the radio on my way to work one day.
I’m already annoyed with how this election is evolving. So here I am just waiting for debates between Manning and Kamla to see thems two spar like dogs. But wait? It turns out that candidates don’t have “debates” on “tv” like other countries. They just have “platforms” or “rallies” where they get cheered by their supporters or talk smack about the other person. So how do people compare candidates in a rational thoughtful way? We actually just recently launched TT Debate Commission, but there has yet to be any debates, as they were never part of the “political culture” like the Yanks & Brits. That gives some insight into what elections are like down here.
They don’t! It’s mostly about party loyalty or race or whatever. Maybe I’ll just have to flip a coin on this one. I’m doing my bestest to inform myself on the issues and where they stand, but the candidates aren’t too interested in telling me those kinds of things anyways. We actually just  recently launched TT Debate Commission, but there has yet to be any debates between candidates b/c, apparently in TT, debates were never part of the “political culture” like the Yanks & Brits. That gives some insight into what elections are like down here.
Manning says he will raise CEPEP’s wages “in the near future” (gee! How committal). And Kamla just repeats “Manning needs to go” (yea ok and…)
Maybe I’m being too harsh. What are presidential debates really like in the US? Was I really that excited about the Obama/McCain debates? Did I really believe EVERYTHING those two were promising to do** Weren’t most of their platforms on issues just standard Dem/Rep positions that we’ve heard before?
Some election coverage highlights that you probably aren’t aware of:
* One of Kamla’s advisers, a dude who advised on Obama’s campaign gets DENIED entry into Trinidad, blocked by Manning’s peeps b/c, like, apparently he can do that.
* UNC and COP (another lesser party, kind of like the Green party to the Democrats) join forces to solidify their voting block.
* Panday (former UNC party leader who was recently ousted by Kamla in January as head of the UNC) goes up against Jack Warner (former VP of FIFA, aka the crook who sold Trinidad out to the US for the 1990 World Cup) for the seat in Chaguanas
**I sure as shit didn’t


Trinidad is Burning April 12, 2010

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And I’m not just talking about the severe drought we’re having over here. The political climate as well is getting pretty interesting. Our Prime Minister dissolved Parliament last week and the country is due to have a snap election in the next couple of months because of it. Whoa! What did I just move back to? You can read about it here, here, and here.
It’s really the perfect time to learn about the politics down here, when things are in such upheaval. Manning & the PNM vs. Kamla & the UNC. Where do I fit in the political spectrum here? I definitely have no attachments to either party (regardless of my family’s preferences) and am leaning towards apathy. Will I vote? Hey, I CAN vote! (ask me to tell of the transport guy I encountered today, and why he’s 60 yrs. old and has never voted. He sure told  me, even though I never asked). I’ll write a proper post on voting later. Right now I’m just sitting back and watching as the country falls apart and hope I’m not a casualty.


Signage April 5, 2010

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Signs in and around town that I thought deserved a second look.  Guess which one is my favorite…

Written at 12:01am 1/1/2010. Some people just don’t like to crastinate.



Happy Easter! April 1, 2010

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I’ve been neglecting the blog. But I have an excuse. I found a job! And it’s not at the Dairy Bar (the only other person to call me back for an interview). So I’m excited to not be staying home all day playing farmville. Later I have to aplogize to my surely dead aloe plants. So I’m a 9-ish to 5-ish lady now.  It’s a great time to start working too. I started work last Thursday and this Tuesday was Spiritual Baptist Day we got off. And this weekend is Easter Weeked so I get Friday and next Monday off.
Last week before I started work I went down to Debe with my uncle to get some REAL Indian food, and on Tuesday I had some MORE Indian food right after I had eaten lunch. I kind of wanted to barf but it was good stuff.


This is an area they call the Philippines in the south. It’s a huge park with walking trails. Kind of like a Central Park of the South. I’m sure it would look a lot prettier if there was some rain. (fyi: we’re having a MAJOR drought here in TnT)



Sahina is ground split peas with baji and other spices all mixed up and fried in awesomeness


al00=potato. pie=bread that’s fried w/HOTTT pepper sauce drizzled all over it


paratha w/bode, baji, melongene (roasted eggplant), curry channa, curry chataigne, curry pumpkin, & anchar (curry mango)


I had this the other day. I’d never heard of balata before, but it’s a small sweet fruit with a sweet milky kind of center.  (ok did that sound gross? It tasted pretty good)